When trying to enjoy sweets, you should feel good, not guilty.

That’s our belief.

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Giving up sweets is not an option for me

These delicious fit bites have helped me on my health and fitness journey because giving up sweets is not an option for me. Nikki’s Cookie Dough fat bombs give me life and are the perfect and most tasty treats to curb my appetite and satisfy my sweet tooth! They taste AMAZING

P.S. There should be a warning on them that they may be highly addictive!

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Britt’s Fav K6 FitBite: Cookie Dough

Too many people get sabotaged by sweets when trying to eat healthily.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Making good decisions… can be a challenge

Making good decisions about your health and what you eat can be a challenge, especially when on vacation.  K6 Fitbites are easy to pack and bring with you whether it’s a weeklong trip (the tubs are ideal!) or just a long ride in the car.  Convenient packaging makes for easy access which is key for me to stay on my meal plan.  With clean ingredients there is no guilt when nibbling on a fitbite or cookie, or making a flatbread pizza. I don’t know the last time I went anywhere without a k6 snack–they are part of my wellness travel pack!

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Nichole’s Fav K6 FitBite: Almond Joy

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Keto journey easier than ever!

A couple of years ago I experienced some major life challenges and my health took all the hit. I turned to food for comfort & gained 40 lbs.

It was definitely affecting my ability to be a husband and a dad so I decided it was time to take responsibility of my health. I found the ketogenic diet and started my journey in January of this year.

After 4 months, I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs. I still have cravings for sweets and it’s not easy to find a keto-friendly snack nor easy to make them without messing up!

One day, my wife came home from her PiYo class with these things like “PB Reese’s Cups” but the keto version called BuckEyes which she got from K6 FitBites and that’s when I knew I found my go-to place for keto snacks!

The best part about their products, you can eat all of them without feeling guilty because they are made with real ingredients and carefully designed to fit your macros so you don’t go over your nutritional goals!

Thank you K6 FitBites for making my keto journey easier than ever!

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Mark’s Fav K6 FitBite: Cookie Dough



K6 FitBites are here for you to stop the sugar cycle before it starts.

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