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Nikki Kasix

Meet your Sweet & Slimming Guide
Creator of K6 FitBites

Being a busy mom of 4 and trying to eat healthy 90% of the time is not an easy task. I have a major sweet tooth that eventually gets the best of me.

Like anybody else, one sweet treat turns into a day, then a week of NOT eating healthy.

The more I have adopted practices of the Keto lifestyle, I have tried several variations of Fat Bombs that I found online but they just did not satisfy that craving.

Check out what Tammy mentioned:

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I was making a batch of some that I could tolerate one day and noticed that I did not have all the ingredients so I improvised … WOW!

They turned out 10X better than the original recipe.

That’s when I started experimenting.

My goal is to make healthy treats and snacks that taste as close to being “unhealthy” as possible to really fill that gap without the sugar to leave you wanting ALL of it.

These are all “bite size”. So if you are on the go and eat 4 instead of going through the drive thru, then that’s awesome!

If you want a sweet treat after dinner and have 2 (or 12;) as a small snack, that’s great too!

It’s all about convenience and portions. If I can grab a pack of FitBites as I’m running out the door, I have the confidence that I will be like Nichole and less likely to make bad decisions.

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I like to keep it simple, and these are the perfect fit to get me through those sugar cravings.

I am confident they will do the same for you.

In it together,


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Okay, I have to be honest! Being gluten-free I didn’t think it would be possible to find baked treats and goodies that would taste as amazing as these! I tried the cream cheese with brownie flavor first and then indulged with the cookie dough!  Hands down top-notch desserts! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Definitely try these bites. Don’t hesitate because they are more than great!

Jennifer Gustin
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Excellent product! My kids ate them and had no clue they were healthy so that’s a huge WIN. Nikki is awesome at answering questions and making sure you’re happy with what you have. Looking forward to trying more flavors soon!


These Fit Bites are life. I’ve recently switched to a Keto lifestyle and these little bites have kept me on the straight & narrow. They’re now a staple in my diet, and I’ve managed to lose 15 lbs. in the last month. Truly guilt-free and they taste divine.

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K6 FitBites are delicious and are such a nice sweet treat that won’t compromise my health and fitness plan. Our whole family loves them even our kids (ages 5,3,2). I love them all but my top flavors would be chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie, and apple! Can’t wait to see many more amazing things to come!


Wonderfully tasty products! The brownie cheesecake is sooooo good! I’m back for my second order and I didn’t order any repeats because I want to try everything! Super quick too – I was able to pick up same day.